Nine Daily Habits to Save Your Hair Colour

Nine Daily Habits to Save Your Hair Colour

So you’ve found the perfect shade for your mane and want to keep that colour looking vibrant until your next appointment. The secret to keeping your colour in tip-top condition comes down to how your locks are cared for after leaving the salon. Are you ready to take the fate of your colour into your own hands? Here are some expert-approved tips for making your new look last!

Kick Sulphates to the Curb.

Lathering up with a sulphate shampoo is a no-fail way to fade your hair faster! Swapping out shampoos that contain harsh sulphates for gentle, colour safe formulas is one of the fastest and easiest ways to minimize fadeage and protect that colour! Try KEVIN.MURPHY’s REPAIR-ME.WASH and REPAIR-ME.RINSE  (coming to salons January 2016) to strengthen the hair while gently removing impurities. For extra protection, use a latherless cleansing conditioning treatment (like RE.STORE, available January 2016)  in place of your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Keep your cuticles sealed.

Mildly acidic products seal the hair cuticle, locking in the color, resulting in smoother, shinier hair and longer lasting colour. STAYING.ALIVE, with a low pH between 4.5 and 5.5, smoothes, seals and protects the hair while healing and repairing the scalp.

Repair damaged strands.

Your hair becomes more porous when it is dry and damaged, making it more vulnerable to colour loss. To give your hair a healthy boost and extend the life of your colour, ask your stylist about in-salon treatment options (like TREAT.ME).

You also should indulge your mane with an at-home hair masque (like ANGEL.MASQUE) each week, especially if you’re planning on taking a dip. Salt water and chlorine are some of the biggest culprits behind colour fadeage, but adding a deep conditioning treatment to your weekly routine can protect your hair from their effects.

Add a dose of shine.

Shiny and smooth hair is the perfect canvas for your stylist to craft stunning colour. Amplify the light that your hair reflects with a shine-enhancing product like SHIMMER.SHINE, which adds luster to your hair while repairing past damage.

Mind your tone!

If you’re not a natural-born blonde, maintaining a non-brassy look at home can be as simple as changing what you use to wash your hair. Violet-based products brighten and tone, keeping warmth and brassiness at bay for a clean and natural looking result. Try our BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL COLOUR ENHANCING TREATMENT to prevent those unsightly yellow tones!

Don’t wash your colour down the drain.

Skipping your daily shampoo could be one of the best tricks in the book for prolonging your colour. To keep second (or third) day hair feeling fresh, mist the base of your hair with a dry shampoo (like FRESH.HAIR) which will absorb excess oils and deodorise for an instantly refreshed ‘do.

Beat the heat.

Your flat iron and curling wand might be essential parts of your daily routine, but your hot tools might be sucking moisture and colour from your hair. To protect your tresses against colour fading and thermal damage, spritz a heat protection spray prior to styling and choose a lower heat setting. Helpful hint: Look for KEVIN.MURPHY styling products containing our Extreme Heat Protection (X-HP™) Complex.

Be Sun-smart.

It might seem ironic, but one of the best ways to maintain those back-from-the-beach highlights is to keep sunlight at bay. Exposure to harsh UV rays leaves hair looking overly warm, brassy and bleached-looking. Keep your colour under cover as much as possible by wearing a hat when spending long periods of time in direct sunlight.

Stay close to your natural shade.

For maximum colour impact for the minimum amount of maintenance, stay within one to two depths of your natural colour. This will provide a more forgiving fade and the least noticeable new growth.

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