An interview with model Hyunji Shin

Hyunji Shin, our Asian model from our latest campaign shoot and also a contestant on Korea’s Next Top Model (Season 4), is so strikingly beautiful, we decided to interview her.

KOREA’S NEXT TOPMODEL Season4 [ Hyunji. Shin ] from bskitmuseum on Vimeo.

How long have you been modeling? 2 years

What made you decide to pursue modeling? My mum believed I could become a top model so she advised me to try out modelling. After getting into the modelling career I came to realise how fun and enjoyable modelling was and continued since then.

How old are you? 18 years old


Who represents you? IMG Australia


Where are you from? Where do you live? I’m from South Korea, but currently I’m staying with my grandparents in Sydney.


How did you get started in modeling? My mum recommended to me try modeling so I researched about becoming a model and have never stopped since then.


What’s been your favourite shoot so far? I got a chance to go to Las Vegas and shoot there, which was a fun experience.


Favorite location you’ve shot? Shooting for Kevin Murphy’s new campaign in Adelaide has been my favourite location so far. It was my first time in Adelaide and the beach, sky and sunset was so beautiful. Never seen anything like that before, only in movies.


Favorite photographer? Korean Photographer Hyun Bum Nam


What do you like most about modeling? I love doing Fashion runway shows.


What do you do on your time off? I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and also doing exercise and yoga.


Tell us about your experience working with Kevin Murphy campaign shoot? I was nervous at first because my english was not that great, but the people and crew was so nice and very helpful so the shoot was very comfortable and enjoyable.


Tell us about your experience at the shoot working with photographer Robert Erdmann? He is a very good photographer. I think he got the best out of me. He gave me good directions which made it easy for me to shoot with him. He is scrupulous.


Any additional facts you’d like to share about you? I would love to keep working with Kevin Murphy. Maybe another campaign shoot in the future? 😀
My dream is to become a Top model. Not only in Australia but world wide. I love modelling and enjoy every single part of it. I will try and best and will never give up until I believe I have reached my goals, so keep an eye out for me and support me 🙂


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