Ashkar Line MBFWA

James Nicholson, SESSION.MASTER, was the Creative Director behind the Ashkar Line runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Taking inspiration from the Ashkar Line collection, the hair was contemporary with elements of restraint. Featuring a mix of textures from wet to dry with effortless control around the hairline and natural texture falling through the back, which was gently captured at the base in a stitched origami inspired fold.

It was a wet look swept off the face from the front.
At the back, the models long hair was groomed with a natural texture and sheen.
The controlled element was an origami inspired fold. For that we used our KEVIN.MURPHY stitching technique to hold
We explored Japanese paper folding techniques to get this inspiration into a concept.
  1. PRIME hair with KEVIN.MURPHY’s new UN.TANGLED detangler and leave-in conditioner
  2. PREP the hair by blow drying in KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY with a large KEVIN.MURPHY ROLL.BRUSH pulling all the hair back off the face
  3. Tie a simple knot at the base of the hair and stitch in to the middle of the origami fold using linen thread from the KEVIN.MURPHY SEWING.KIT. Leave the ends out to exaggerate the fold

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