CPHFW_Berggren-7146Held in the Hotel d’Angleterre during this season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, the designer runway show for Berggren Studio featured avant garde designs blended with playful, ’90s inspired hair. Led by SESSION.MASTER Marianne Jensen, the talented KEVIN.MURPHY team of stylists, including STYLE.MASTERS Juha-Matti Manninen, Massimo Morello and Parul Paz Bamrolia, smoothened out the hair and added pops of colour to create an interestingly stunning juxtaposition with the runway collection.

CPHFW_Berggren-7117 CPHFW_Berggren-7065 CPHFW_Berggren-7077To create these looks, the team straightened the hair with BODY.MASS and finished with SESSION.SPRAY and FRESH.HAIR to get a subtle ‘fly away’ look so that the hair didn’t look too polished. For the shorter hair looks, YOUNG.AGAIN treatment oil was combed in, and the hair was finished with SHIMMER.SHINE to keep the natural volume and healthy lustre of the hair. The team then used brightly coloured hair spray¬†and colourful¬†hair extensions to capture an iconic ’90s feeling.

CPHFW_Berggren-7081 CPHFW_Berggren-7085 CPHFW_Berggren-7030 CPHFW_Berggren-7046 CPHFW_Berggren-7052CPHFW_Berggren-7177 CPHFW_Berggren-7192 CPHFW_Berggren-7199 CPHFW_Berggren-7219 CPHFW_Berggren-7220

Photos provided courtesy of HELLE MOOS/Copenhagen Fashion Week.