The hair designed for Stasia’s runway show during Copenhagen Fashion Week was inspired by a masculine reference. The Danish brand’s sophisticated, stylish pieces were enhanced by dramatically detailed makeup, so to balance out the look, the hair was designed with a luxe, well-groomed vision in mind.

KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.MASTER Marianne Jensen and STYLE.MASTERS Juha-Matti Manninen and Massimo Morello created this sophisticated look by sweeping the hair to the side, keeping it polished and refined.

Products featured: UN.TANGLED & SESSION.SPRAY

Apply UN.TANGLED to damp hair and dry in. Style the hair straight, using SESSION.SPRAY to smooth out any stray hairs and keep the look clean and sleek. Pull hair behind the ears to maintain the subtlety of the look.

stasia1 stasia2 tumblr_oc61vghut61uv1dhho1_1280

Photos provided courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.