Raising well over our $5,000 goal, the Culture is Life fundraiser was a huge success!

Through THE HEART OF KEVIN.MURPHY and the brand’s support for the Culture is Life, along with the support of our fans, strong indigenous community-led solutions are being voiced and heard.

Our decade celebratory book ‘Hair By KEVIN.MURPHY’ was hand autographed by Kevin and sold as part of this fundraiser, along with KM travel essentials and limited edition packs. With these contributions, Indigenous community leaders and Elders will be able to heal their young people, by reconnecting them to their culture, and strengthening their sense of identity. The funding raised will be directed to grassroots, community-based programs that are working on the frontline with at-risk youth, providing vital support, cultural education and on-country healing.

To continue to help, through our diverse social networks, we can raise widespread awareness of the issue. The nation, and the world, must realize what is happening within Indigenous Australia and take action. To learn more visit the campaign website at and please share and support this imperative knowledge with the world. Together we can help make a true difference to restore balance and harmony to these devastated communities.

Thank you very much to everyone who donates to this project, the KEVIN.MURPHY team is extremely grateful for your support.