Doing_Fashion_Backstage_08Held in Basel, Switzerland with hair directed by SESSION.STYLIST Lilith Amrad and the talented team of Swiss KEVIN.MURPHY KEYS, our Fashion Graduate show was centered around the theme of “Look Therapy”, which points to a theme of self renewal and change. The team styled two shows for a collection of 22 designers who were recent graduates of the Institute for Fashion Design in Basel.Doing_Fashion_Backstage_01
Approximately 1300 guests attended the show, including a list of international fashion designers such as Lutz Hülle, Veronique Branquinho , Kathleen König, Maxime Büchi, Cecile Feilchenfeldt, Vetements, and Bless Paris/Berlin. In addition, serveral members of the national and international press publications and media attended, including Novembre, Basler Zeitung , Friday Magazine, Annabelle, NZZ am Sonntag, Stil am Sonntag, SRF, Schön Magazine, OE Magazine, L’Officiel Schweiz, Dash Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, Fucking Young Magazine, A Shaded View on Fashion, Glanz und Gloria.Doing_Fashion_01 Doing_Fashion_06 Doing_Fashion_07 Doing_Fashion_10Vogue Italia covered the show, noting that the theme of the show “is seen as the way we appear and how we want to be looked at”, through the “ritual and aesthetic practice spent in front of the mirror”. The goal of the show, directed by professor Priska Morger, was to inspire a sense of confidence in ourselves while holding on to our innate creativity and dreams.


Photos provided courtesy of Etienne Malapert and Boris Marberg.