Social_PrintCollateral_278_Searching for the perfect products for your hair can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin. You can spend countless hours searching through lists and reviews online before selecting products, only to find out that they weren’t exactly suited specifically for your hair type. To save you time and money, and to make the process more fun(!), we’ve created a quick and easy, eight question quiz that will help you find your perfect product regimen suited for your unique hair type and desired results.

“For most customers, it can be confusing to know which products are best. We wanted to arm our clients with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions regarding their hair,” explains Kevin Murphy.

The quiz is available online and in participating salons, and is as fun for the client as it is for the stylist. Once the quiz is complete, each participant will receive a personalised KEVIN.MURPHY hair product regimen that can be shared via email or directly with the participant’s salon or stylist to serve as a shopping list, which can be purchased in-salon during their next visit. Our product regimens will help clients achieve the hair they’ve been dreaming about – including lustrous locks, frizz-free curls, full-on volume, and more.

To take the quiz, head over to!