Established in 2016 by Polish hairdressers Ania and Tomek Szabelka, and supported generously by Polish distributor A&M Premium Distribution, Poland’s Hair Truck became the first KEVIN.MURPHY mobile hairdressing salon backed by charitable purposes. Ania and Tomek’s idea behind establishing the traveling hair salon began with Tomek’s nomadic experience in nature, where his perspective was changed simply by unplugging from the day to day hairdressing world and taking his craft into nature, where he offered free haircuts to strangers in settings from lakes to parks and mountains.

Ania and Tomek’s very first experience with their charitable hairdressing initiative in collaboration with KEVIN.MURPHY (before the official Hair Truck was born) was at the OFF Festival in 2016 in Katowice, one of the most popular music festivals in Europe, during which the Szabelka Natural Cut Team cut the hair of children with troubled backgrounds on a studio built out of plywood. The husband-wife team never believed their dream would come true, but with the support of A&M Premium Distribution in collaboration with KEVIN.MURPHY, their newly established Hair Truck went on to support charitable causes including a wild animal sanctuary and children suffering from oncological disorders.

“Taking the hairdressing chair on my back into the mountains changed the direction of my professional career path and life purpose completely. To me, hairdressing had become more of encountering other people, and a method through which I was able to help others. My mobile salon started with one chair and ended up with a hair truck. I’m excited to see where else we can go,” Tomek adds.

To the Szabelka Natural Cut Team, their truck represents everything that is important to their hairdressers: passion, freedom, ecology, and openness to all people. All funds generated by Tomek and Ania’s mobile hair salon are donated to organisations in need of help; from children to animals, and even to those individuals in need of things like wheelchairs or money for surgery. We were honored to have Poland’s Hair Truck present during our FUTURE.LOVE Show in Prague, where they showcased their talent and shared their generosity with attendees from countries across Europe in order to support the heart of our brand and spread the KEVIN.MURPHY love!