It’s no secret that COLOR.ME delivers a multitude of benefits for your hair – from natural looking results and optimum colour payoff to providing natural moisture, rejuvenation and incredible shine. One of the most effective ingredients in our compact colour range is Pomegranate. Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, Pomegranate is also a strong antioxidant with anti-ageing effects that offers colour protection and a dose of Vitamin C.
The Pomegranate juice used in COLOR.ME, or punica granatum fruit juice, comes from Turkey, Iran and Israel, and the extraction and concentration process is held in Italy. Most often seen in hand cremes and lotions, Pomegranate is used as an invigorating and awakening agent for the hair and skin. In our COLOR.ME formula, Pomegranate works together with Honey, Shea Butter, Rose Hip and Aloe Vera to protect the integrity of your hair and ensure long-lasting colour results.
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