067_2017.02.20_1_KevinMurphy_0469Held in a magical cathedral in Barcelona, Spain’s first INSPIRE.ME event welcomed over 280 attendees, including 145 stylists from top salons in Catalunya, Madrid and Northern Spain, along with 35 members of the press from Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan, among many others.

057_217_2017.02.20_1_KevinMurphy_1253 009_2017.02.20_1_KevinMurphy_0828STYLE.MASTER Massimo Morello showcased four different looks live on stage, using WAVE.CLIPS and CURLERS with BODY.BUILDER, BODY.MASS, STAYING.ALIVE, HAIR.RESORT, ANTI.GRAVITY and POWDER.PUFF, to create various glam-inspired looks. The event was held to provide inspiration and education for stylists across the country, and offer a first-hand experience and up-close demonstration with our brand.

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Photos provided courtesy of KEVIN.MURPHY Spain. Special thanks to Adriana Gelaber, Sylvie Desvignes and Monica Martinez.