Introducing the New 2018 Campaign: OUTBACK

OUTBACK_05_MEDRESFrom the breathtaking backdrop of the Australian Outback comes our newest collection, recalling our brand’s heritage showcased in a juxtaposition between soft, natural styles paired against this rugged terrain. OUTBACK showcases a new attitude of luxe through our natural side, with warm tones shimmering in freshly washed hair to capture an attitude of modern glamour.

OUTBACK_01_MEDRESThis collection presents a ‘come as you are’ state of mind with sequins during the day and flat shoes at night, complemented by smooth, lived-in hair to capture the bold contrast between soft, natural hair and an unrefined locale. The looks created for OUTBACK enhance the natural texture of the hair with loose undone waves, smooth lived-in locks, and soft, warm-coloured tones.


  1. Apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to damp hair and blast dry.
  2. Brush through with our SMOOTHING.BRUSH to release and soften the hair.
  3. Beginning at the front of the hair line, wrap hair around a large curling tong diagonally forward and then diagonally back, swapping back and forth down the length of the hair while working your way back to the nape.
  4. Comb out the hair using our TEXTURE.COMB, then go through and use a medium curling tong to visually enhance and touch up the look where needed.
  5. Finish the look with BEDROOM.HAIR to create a touchable, disheveled texture.



Hair: Kevin Murphy

Photographer: Luis Murphy

Hair Team: Nathan Gorman, Wade Blackford, James Nicholson

Digital/Video: John O’Rourke, Reuben Gates

Models: Frankie Bon Scotney, Kerryn Paasila, Broed Dillewaard

Wardrobe: Emily Ward

Make-Up: Kenneth Higgins

Location: South Australia

BTS Photographer: Ben Clements

Producer: Debbie Walters