Held in Kultuurikatel in an area of Tallinn, Estonia which is currently in the middle of a resurgence, this year’s ERKI Show was directed by SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello for the second year in a row. Established by the Estonian Academy of Art to promote the talents of its fashion students, this eclectic fashion show comprised of 21 runway shows from emerging designers, the youngest of which was only 22 years old, with hair styled by our team including COLOR.MASTERS Leland Olson and Courtney Cochran. The purpose of the ERKI Show is to encourage students to showcase their most creative geniuses in the fashion psyche. Naturally, the show’s avant garde aesthetic inspired the hairstyles created by our highly sought-after team of over 16 international stylists, where they crafted intricate braids, amplified texture, and sleek, clean styles unique to each look. Our team was also inspired by looks from the ’80s and ’90s, where they created large, textured styles that enhanced the materials within each of the fashion collections.

Catch all of the behind-the-scenes and runway action below: