This year, FASHION.SHOW SS’18 unveiled its curtains at NTU Sports Center, kickstarting the first ever fashion week in Taiwan. Kevin Murphy himself, along with our talented team of DIRECTORS and MASTERS, presented the latest trends in hairstyling along with the newest KEVIN.MURPHY campaign. The team included HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, DESIGN.DIRECTOR for STYLING Wade Blackford, SESSION.MASTER James Nicholson, CUTTING.MASTER Jay Fata, COLOR.MASTER Janine Simons, Photographer Luis Murphy, Fashion Stylist Amelia, and Show Director Thomas Berglin, who were all supported by a hard-working team of KEVIN.MURPHY GOLD.KEYS in Taiwan.Not only was the show a highlight in the world of hairstyling, it was a big step for the entire Taiwanese fashion scene. The KEVIN.MURPHY team also hosted education classes throughout the duration of the week, to an audience of over 2,000 attendees in total, with the goal of sharing inspiration to hair lovers across the country. Images provided courtesy of Max Chung, Huang Hong Chi and Chia Zhong Chou.