EPF_5734This season’s Berlin Alternative Fashion Week brought together designers and artists from around the world to showcase and support alternative concepts in fashion with a focus on upcycling, or repurposing fabric and materials, in innovative ways. Hosted in the iconic Halle am Berghain, this venue is infrequently opened even for the National Ballet and Opera, and was originally built as the East German power station. Designers in attendance represented over 100 cities in countries across the globe including Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, Poland and the United States. These designers, all of whom create the industry’s leading designs in wearable art, stray away from mainstream trends and ideals, and do not tend to produce season collections, rather focusing on conceptual clothing backed by an affinity to the environment.halleamberghain_berlinEPF_5701This was our second season as the official hair team for Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, which was directed by SESSION.MASTER James Nicholson along with STYLE.MASTER Paz Bamrolia and the talented and dedicated team of KEVIN.MURPHY stylists. The team worked with 18 designers to develop innovative hairstyles to complement their sustainably-focused collections.

Get the full ‘how-to’ on our team’s contemporary, avant-garde hairstyles below!

tHERAPY + recycle & exorcise

This collection, from Argentinian designers Mariangeles and Paula Aguirre, was inspired by deconstruction and post-modern upcycling techniques, with the intention of empowering sub-couture and re-defining the way we think about fashion.1719001617190033THE LOOK: soft, effortless fishtail braids.

  1. Sandblast the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY, creating a centre part and adding Headlines Hairpieces.
  2. Backbrush the hair, then fishtail braid and secure with POWDER.PUFF to create hold and texture.
  3. Pull out a few loose pieces in the front and laminate with DOO.OVER.
  4. Finish with SHIMMER.ME BLONDE to add shine and dimension.


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Jade Helene Designs

This collection, from South African Designer Jade Helene Shimmin, focuses on the beauty found in juxtapositions, bringing together travelers and nomads with space and time travel. EPF_3797EPF_4152EPF_4075 EPF_4084THE LOOK: bound hair to contrast with the materials and add further juxtaposition to the look.

  1. Sandblast the hair with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, then backbrush height on the crown.
  2. Section from ear to ear below the crown and secure using SESSION.SPRAY.
  3. Ribbon together two small strands of hair and wrap the ponytail section ear to ear on the occipital bone. Secure and add top ponytail; repeat at the nape.
  4. Pinch ponytail with CURL.CLIPS and heat, then finish with a mist of SESSION.SPRAY and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE for exceptional shine.


Photos provided courtesy of Evan Fowler Photography.