2C5A7019This year’s ERKI fashion show was held in Tallinn, Estonia, and showcased a blend of talent from new, upcoming designers along with other well-known, established designers. The KEVIN.MURPHY team came from countries all over Europe, including Estonia, the UK, Germany, Belgium and Italy, and was directed by STYLE.MASTER Massimo Morello, together with team leaders Janika Orav and Risto Pillaro. The team worked with young designers to style the hair for 21 runway shows – in just one day!2C5A6553“The really great thing about working with young designers is that they want to make their mark on their audiences’ minds. This inspiration allows me to create some really ‘out-there’ hairstyles to complement their collections,” explains Hair Director and STYLE.MASTER Massimo Morello.2C5A65422C5A6545The hair created for the event showcased various forms of texture and movement, utilising various props including string and hand-fashioned wigs made from foam material by Massimo, and styled together by Janika and Risto. These looks added the final touches to the funky, mod collections that were created for the runway.

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