This year’s Madrid Bridal Week was held in the beautiful Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain, where our very own SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello directed the hair with the support of our team of stylists, including STYLE.MASTERS Sarah Lund and Paz Bamrolia, along with PLATINUM.KEYS Marios Neofytou and Misjel van de Brande, together with the KEVIN.MURPHY team of stylists in Spain.When creating the looks for the hair, Massimo designed a variety of looks inspired by individualism and gave each designer a custom style based off of the mood of their unique collection. “I wanted to have a red thread throughout the looks, so this season I chose to create different styles of rolls and twists in the hair. When it comes to bridal hair, I believe that the more natural, the better, so I like to use my hands instead of a brush and tools in order to keep the texture of the hair as natural as possible,” says Morello.Some of the most-loved products backstage in Madrid included HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to prep and texturise the hair, BODY.BUILDER to add volume, and DOO.OVER to finish the looks. Our team also added texture and volume into the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, SESSION.SPRAY, FRESH.HAIR and BEDROOM.HAIR. Read on to re-create these runway looks!

LOOK 1Step 1: Create a middle part and section the hair into three ponytails at the nape.Step 2: Gently tease the ponytails, and roll them up towards the head, securing with bobby pins.Step 3: Finish with a spray of SHIMMER.SHINE for a natural glow.

LOOK 2Step 1: Create a low, side part on the lefthand side of the head.Step 2: Tease the top area of the hair for volume, then create a low pony on the back section of the hair.

Step 3: Using a “pony twister”, fold the sections of hair into a soft bun.Step 4: Braid the fringe area towards the face and back, and secure with a small elastic.Step 5: Melt the braid into the bun by wrapping back and around.

LOOK 3Step 1: Sweep all hair over to one side. Lay an elastic over the head, and tuck and fold the hair over, working your way from the front to the back, securing with U-pins to lock into place.Step 2: Use the SEWING.KIT to stitch the hair into a low ponytail at the nape.

Step 3: Fold the ponytail into a “snail” shape, securing the shape while letting the ends tuck out.Step 4: Finish the look by releasing flyaways to add texture.

Photos provided courtesy of Emma Hallstensson.