104295_Myer-6_1656x1104Held at the University of Melbourne’s iconic carpark space in Carlton, MYER hosted an exclusive launch event for fashion industry insiders, where they showcased their latest AW17 collection. This gothic, shadowy carpark is noted as one of the most in-demand filming locations in Melbourne, and has been featured in award-winning films such as Lion and Mad Max.104370_myer 100 (49)_1656x1104104291_Myer-2_1656x1104Kevin Murphy directed the hair for the sixth MYER season launch in a row, along with SESSION.MASTER James Nicholson who led our talented team of KEVIN.MURPHY stylists. The team created two looks, taking inspiration from the vintage architecture of the university, with its iconic buildings and overall classic mood.

“I love taking inspiration from our unique Australian cities, their environments and buildings. For our first look, we have blended the University of Melbourne’s architectural beauty with references from chic 1960s French actresses to develop an effortless fringed look that nods to the past, but is also very fashion-forward,” said Kevin Murphy.

“Contrasting colour is continuing to be a hair trend that has staying power, and our second hair look incorporates the mood, contrast and allure of ‘film noir’ to create an impactful, shimmering style, which perfectly balances the new Myer AW17 collection.”

To achieve these hair looks follow these steps:104318_Myer-30_1656x1104LOOK 1 – FRINGE BENEFITS

  1. Apply FULL.AGAIN to the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair, and spray HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY into the roots.
  2. Blast hair dry and smooth out your fringe with our LARGE.ROLL.BRUSH, and use a hot tong to create irregular texture throughout the mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Allow hair to cool before shaking out. Finish the look by spraying ends with DOO.OVER for a textured result.

Myer-Product-Lineup_1104342_myer 100 (21)_1656x1104LOOK 2 – CHIC & EMBELISHED

  1. Apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY in sections, then pull hair back into a sleek ponytail, keeping in line with cheekbones. Secure with an elastic.
  2. Wrap the ponytail in a contrasting coloured hairpiece from Headlines Australia.
  3. Stencil and apply a gold theatrical spray to the hair, following the line from cheekbone to ponytail.
  4. Finish the look by spraying with SESSION.SPRAY and SHIMMER.SHINE for a sleek, polished result.

Myer-Product-Lineup_02104345_myer 100 (24)_1656x1104104334_myer 100 (13)_1656x1187104349_myer 100 (28)_1656x1104104366_myer 100 (45)_1656x1101Photos provided courtesy of Lucas Dawson.