SESSION.MASTERS James Nicholson and Wade Blackford, along with HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, co-directed the hair for this season’s Myer Spring 16 Fashion Launch, joined together with our team of SESSION.STYLISTS. This season’s collection was launched in front of thousands of attendees at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, and showcased the latest trends of the year in Myer’s biggest event to date. The looks in this season’s range were chic and contemporary, with an underlying inspiration of romance blended with bright prints and florals to celebrate the season.JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.081JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.009 JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.035The energy of the show was fresh and fun: complete with glowing lights that set the mood for the event and brightened up each look from head to toe. The KEVIN.MURPHY team created four looks that catered seamlessly to the collection on the runway, while keeping an appeal to Myer’s clientele. The designs of the hair enhanced the overarching theme, and mixed in modern and eclectic touches to play up each collection. JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.152JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.143To achieve the show’s unique hair styles at home, follow the steps below:


THE LOOK: Loose chignon to accentuate the cheekbones while embracing the hair’s natural texture.

 1. Apply KILLER.CURLS to dry hair.

2. Create various size curls using a large tong.

3. Stitch or pin the chignon in place with the SEWING.KIT while creating the desired shape.

4. Finish with DOO.OVER to soften the hair and encourage texture.JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.021JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.106JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.031TWIST.N.STITCH

THE LOOK: A modern take on braided cornrows.

1. Spritz with STAYING.ALIVE and comb sections from the hairline to nape of the neck.

2. Starting at the nape, twist and stitch each section, using the SEWING.KIT to form a tube. Secure at the nape and spritz with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY.

3. Draw the remaining hair together in two sections over each shoulder, and bind with the SEWING.KIT in a Nordic criss cross fashion. Secure at the ends, and leave out a small tail of thread.

4. Embellish with SHIMMER.SHINE.

THE LOOK: A straight and sleek, polished ponytail.

1. Prep hair with RE.STORE.

2. Blow straight with SMOOTH.AGAIN and the LARGE.ROLL.BRUSH.

3. Pull in to a tight, low ponytail and secure at the nape.

4. Finish with SESSION.SPRAY.JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.087JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.150JenniferStengleinCOPYRIGHT.148ORGANIC-TEXTURE.HOOD

THE LOOK: Natural enhancements celebrating the head’s silhouette and form.

1. Head-wrap hair, moulding to the head’s shape with BODY.BUILDER.

2. Apply SESSION.SPRAY to secure.

3. Layer on fabric until the desired look is achieved.

Photos provided courtesy of Jennifer Stenglein.