05-07-2017_COPYRIGHT. GILBERT ANGEL VICTOR - RAMI AL ALI- 5 JUIL 2017_0531_prvHeld in the idyllic setting of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, this year’s invitation-only couture show for Rami Al Ali showcased a beautiful collection held on a glass stage with soft, romantic hair styled by the KEVIN.MURPHY team. The collection was inspired by the beauty of the iconic Sakura tree, and presented a fusion of sensuality, technique and art through a lens of Japanese Art and Culture. The pieces in the collection reflected elements of the kimono with extravagant, sculptural shapes that sparkled with beaded and feathered accents.
IMG_2261STYLE.MASTER Massimo Morello directed the hair for his third time with the show, with the support of the talented KEVIN.MURPHY team including Paz Bamrolia, Caroline Kells, Alexandre Fevre, and Nicola Perin. Morello wanted the hair to look effortless yet glamorous and romantic, without drawing too much attention away from the collection. The team used ANTI.GRAVITY and HAIR.RESORT to create a ‘lived-in’ look, and after lightly blow-drying the hair, the back was double-stitched into a messy bun to add a soft feeling into the hair. The look was then finished with BEDROOM.HAIR to add texture and shine while keeping movement in the hair.
IMG_2322IMG_2310IMG_236105-07-2017_GILBERT-ANGEL-VICTOR---RAMI-AL-ALI--5-JUIL--2017_0274_prvUntitled-2Untitled-6Untitled-3Untitled-4Untitled-5About Rami Al Ali:

Born in Deir ez-Zor in Syria, Rami Al Ali took an early interest in fashion. His ultimate breakthrough came in 2009, when he showcased his Spring/Summer couture collection on the runway at Rome’s AltaRoma couture week. In January 2012, Al Ali debuted during the Couture Fashion Week in Paris, showcasing his Spring/Summer 2012 collection amongst the crème de la crème of the fashion world. Now on his tenth consecutive season in Paris, Al Ali’s transition from daydreamer to global trendsetter is complete. Al Ali’s designs were sought after by celebrities and socialites alike, adorning the likes of Natasha Bedingfield, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Mae, and Googoosh, amongst many others.

Photos provided courtesy of Gilbert Angel Victor.