Led by SESSION.MASTER David Cruz, our team of KEVIN.MURPHY stylists took on New York Fashion Week for Brooklyn-based designer Arianne Elmy. Held in the heart of New York City with a host of large designers alongside new, contemporary labels, New York Fashion Week is the largest and most notable fashion show held in North America, and is regarded as one of the largest shows in the world alongside Paris, London, and Milan. With a contemporary view on fashion, designer Arianne Elmy uses her clothing as an expression of art meant as a platform for people to look deeper into society as well as themselves. For this runway collection, the hair was inspired by the essence of strength and confidence, which reflected the designs of the clothing. The collection features bold silhouettes and mixed textures, and SESSION.MASTER David Cruz felt that the head should reflect a smaller silhouette that cascaded into fuller hair down the back to complement the collection. Our team used ANTI.GRAVITY lotion to set the hair, and added texture with SESSION.SPRAY and BEDROOM.HAIR in order to create contrast in the hair. The overall goal was to create a sleek and shiny look in the front, while at the same time capturing a lived-in and undone feeling in the back.

Photos provided courtesy of Erin Baino.