At KEVIN.MURPHY, we believe in giving back to the environment through every action we do. From our packaging and the ingredients we source in our products, to the daily practices we take with our employees in the office, we believe that every small endeavour that we participate in can help reduce the global impact on our environment, thus creating a better future for generations to come. Read on below for Kevin’s personal recycling tips to learn how you can help make a positive impact on our planet!

TIP 1:

“Try not to buy pre-diluted cleaning chemicals with single-use containers. Instead, choose concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning products and add your own water, and don’t forget to refill and reuse spray bottles. This will help to reduce packaging waste, and eliminate the need for carbon-emissions related to transportation.”

TIP 2:

“Purchase reusable products instead of disposable products to reduce your contribution to landfills. There are many environmentally friendly, reusable alternatives that not only save you money but also offer a cleaner option for the environment. Use glasses and reusable coffee cups, and take a travel cup to your local coffee house. Disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled, so bringing your own reusable cup will help reduce waste. In addition, using reusable shopping bags at the store will significantly reduce your reliance on single-use plastic bags.”

TIP 3:

“Consult with your energy supplier in order to understand your energy bill and any penalty charges that can be reduced or avoided. Determining how much electricity is used at night may also reveal areas for saving. Display-lighting should only be installed for spotlighting selected displays and not as general, ongoing illumination. Keep your lighting on a reduced level and only switch on display lighting just before opening time. Consider installing dimmer switches to dial down electricity fees.”

TIP 4:

“Consider using Intelligent Energy Monitoring to shut down devices when they are not in use. During ‘sleep mode’, a signal is sent via USB cable to the plug board in your device, and specific sockets on the board are shut down. This applies to devices such as printers, scanners, monitors, external speaker systems, hot rollers, curlers and flat irons.”

TIP 5:

“Run a full dishwasher whenever possible — it uses half or even less of the water and energy of washing the same dishes by hand. Don’t waste water by rinsing before loading; today’s machines are designed to power off the mess.”

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