M/FW 2018: Town Hall Runway 3

Showcasing collections from Calibre, Carla Zampatti, Dom Bagnato, Jasongrech, Joe Black, Martin Grant at Christine, Nevenka, Rachel Gilbert, Still Still Studio, and Thurley, Runway 3 at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week saw a focus on modern evening wear and stunning gowns from Australia’s most respected designers. Complementing the modern glamour of the gowns was the hair, created by Hair Director Kevin Murphy and our team of international artists.“The look is soft, pillowy and light as air but still very lustrous,” Murphy commented. “This is the girl who arrives at a party and everyone notices her, but she always knows when to leave.”Our team made sure that the hair moved, bounced and captured light while on the runway, so for this French disco-inspired look, the hair was flipped to the side and opened up around the face – giving a nod to the ’80s. Read below for steps on how to re-create the look!Step 1: Prep dry hair with light layers of ANTI.GRAVITY and blow-dry smooth in between each application.Step 2: Starting at the nape of the neck, use a large tong to curl large sections of hair, pinning the curls and allowing to cool. Be sure to curl towards the face through the centre and away from the face on each side.Step 3:┬áRelease curls once cool and spray with DOO.OVER.Step 4: Brush curls out and apply DOO.OVER again for a touchable, lustrous finish.Watch the full how-to below:

Images provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson.