Led by Kevin Murphy, our team of stylists closed this season’s Melbourne Fashion Week with sleek silhouettes. Modern textures and patterns were seen on the evening’s runway from designers including Bianca Spender, Dion Lee, Macgraw, Scanlan and Theodore, Michael Lo Sordo and Romance Was Born.

“This look was all about creating an aura of luxury with a polished style that complements the refined designs on the runway. The sleek and tight silhouette with a strong, deep part is smoothed to sit smoothly on the head and have a natural bounce at the ends. A lustrous finish is key to ensuring a striking style,” explained Murphy.


To create this look, apply LEAVE-IN.REPAIR to the mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair to repair any damaged areas. Create a deep side part when blow drying, and massage ANTI.GRAVITY from the roots to the ends of the hair to create bigger, thicker hair. Using a LARGE.ROLL.BRUSH, perform a smooth rolling blow dry, allowing the hair to have a soft kick at the ends. Pin all hair above the cheekbones flat and allow to cool. Layer in SESSION.SPRAY from the cheekbone line up to the roots of the hair, moulding and smoothing to ensure a tight and narrow silhouette. Finish with EASY.RIDER to accentuate the curl at the ends of the hair, and use SMOOTH.AGAIN to tame down any frizz.

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson Photography