Our team styled the hair for several designers on Premium Runways 2 and 3 during this season’s Melbourne Fashion Week, which was held in the Melbourne Town Hall for a historic background that contrasted the natural texture and movement seen in the hair. Designers for these two runways included Akira, ALPHA60, Ginger & Smart, Manning Cartell, Sarah Hope Schofield, Zambesi, Asilio, JASON GRECH, MISCHA COLLECTION, nevenka, Nicola Fenetti and DEMKIW.  Directed by Kevin Murphy, our stylists created two styles that captured a soft, natural feeling with lived-in texture.

“We started with a languid-looking small silhouette of soft texture that is almost see-through, and then for the second show we moved into bigger, more erratic texture to add movement and volume through the sides and back, however not so much through the top – to add a modern edge”, said Murphy.


To create the look from Runway 2, apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to the roots and mid-lengths of the hair. Section the hair in three areas by parting straight down the middle, and from one ear to the other. Using a medium curling tong, pull sections of hair down and away from the face and bend around the tong, applying SESSION.SPRAY to the sections as you curl. Use DOO.OVER to add texture to each section, using your palm to laminate the look. Spritz SHIMMER.ME BLONDE over the hair to add a naturally glamorous shine. Finish with BEDROOM.HAIR to seal in the look.

Runway 3 featured bigger texture and volume. To create this look, prepare the hair with HYDRATE-ME.WASH and RINSE, and apply HAIR.RESORT to towel-dried hair, blow drying in to create natural movement and texture. Use a STYLING.BRUSH to encourage a natural movement while blow drying the hair, applying SESSION.SPRAY to the layers. Tuck hair behind the ears as you go, leaving the last section without SESSION.SPRAY so as not to look over-groomed. Finish with BEDROOM.HAIR to add natural movement into the look.

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson Photography