Healthy, lustrous hair was seen on Runways 4 and 5 during this season’s Melbourne Fashion Week, which showcased collections from several designers including Carla Zampatti, Megan Park, Rachel Gilbert, Rebecca Vallance, Thurley, Yeojin Bae, Alice McCall, búl, gorman, Kate Sylvester, Kuwaii and LIFEwithBIRD.

Directed by Kevin Murphy, our team styled hair that captured the lights down the runway.

“It’s all about beautiful, glossy, healthy looking hair – hair that moves and shines under the lights and allows the girls to radiate down the runway. We created soft, natural texture to allow the hair to swing, but the shape is quite small and minimal so as not to detract from the fashion”, said Murphy.


To create naturally textured hair as seen on Runway 4, apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to towel-dried hair and blow dry smooth. If the hair is too bulky at the crown, braid the hair flat under the crown to ensure hair falls smooth. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to the roots and mid-lengths, and create a deep side part, releasing all short hairs around the hairline. Section out three deep V-shaped sections starting from the nape and clip away. Bend sections of the hair into a ‘figure 8’ shape and secure with a hair tie. Apply heat with a blow dyer to these sections and allow to cool. Once cool, apply SESSION.SPRAY to each section as they come loose to seal in the movement of the hair, then layer in DOO.OVER to add texture. Secure the side part with a stitch behind the ear, then laminate the look with BEDROOM.HAIR and finish with an overall application of SHIMMER.ME BLONDE to give lustre and shine.

To create lived-in waves seen on Runway 5, apply ANTI.GRAVITY to add volume to the hair and blow dry in to add body and movement. Using a triple-barrel waver, create waves beginning from the top section of the hair and behind the ears, moving down to achieve a frizz-free look. Apply in FRESH.HAIR to the roots to lift hair and give extra grit and body, layering in SESSION.SPRAY to keep the movement in place. Spritz SHIMMER.ME BLONDE over the finished look to create a pearlescent luminosity.

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson Photography