MSFW 16: Contemporary ‘How-To’

MSFW 16: Contemporary ‘How-To’ from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

The hair created for the Contemporary designer show at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week featured fresh, clean lines and oriental elements, with bound hair to complement the strong, modern feel of the designs showcased on the runway.

Products featured: HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, SUPER.GOO & SESSION.SPRAYdsc_9217Apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to damp hair and dry in to create a rough texture. Create a centre part, then section the top of the hair straight back horizontally from top of the ear to the back of the head. Use fingers and the TEXTURE.COMB and pull in to a ponytail. Leave out any pieces that fall out in the front. dsc_9150dsc_9148dsc_9171 dsc_9183Next, work on the section underneath. Keep this section clean and directed downwards and join the top ponytail to the bottom section of the hair and tie off in to another ponytail with an elastic. Use SUPER.GOO to smooth out any stray hairs and keep the look clean. Wrap the ponytail with black tape one way first and then the other way.dsc_9153 dsc_9155 dsc_9165 dsc_9195Lightly spray the sections that fell out in the front with SESSION.SPRAY to create a loose, wispy look.dsc_9214 dsc_9222 dsc_9227 dsc_9243 dsc_9411 dsc_9468dsc_9476 dsc_9486 dsc_9532 dsc_9554 dsc_9579 dsc_9584 dsc_9675Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.