MSFW 16: Opening Gala ‘How-To’ from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

The Opening Gala at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week showcased effortless, sculpted hair to complement the modern, feminine designs that adorned the runway. The hair reflected the designs showcased by leading Australian and international designers in this stunning display of fresh, elegant silhouettes.

Products featured: ANTI.GRAVITY, ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, SHIMMER.SHINE & SESSION.SPRAYdsc_7510Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to damp hair and dry through to add volume. Create a horseshoe section from recession to recession, just below the crown and clip away. Then, section off 1 inch sections on each side of the head to the top of the ear and clip away, and ponytail the remaining hair at the nape.
img_3494-jpg-step-1Apply a light mist of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY. Using a medium curling iron, create waves in the top and side sections of the hair, starting the first indent on the O-bone and using a positive-negative waving pattern.img_3498-jpg-step-3img_3492-jpg-step-1 img_3512-jpg-step-4Finish off the look with SESSION.SPRAY, beginning at the back of the horseshoe section, and back combing the roots in 1 cm sections, clipping away with covered clips as you go. Comb out, and gather the hair at the base of the neck to create a 3 inch section of braiding. Mist over the top of the hair with SHIMMER.SHINE for added shine and lustre.img_3519-jpg-final-stepimg_3509 img_3500-jpg-step-23img_3491-jpg-finaldsc_7153dsc_6745 dsc_6762 dsc_6785 dsc_6879 dsc_6901 dsc_6991 dsc_7008 dsc_7042 dsc_7084 dsc_7408

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.