MSFW 16: Spring Racing Carnival ‘How-To’ from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

The hair featured in Spring Racing Carnival’s designer runway show during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week embraced a natural and feminine side of current trends, and was used as an accessory itself with a delicate rope braid to decorate the look. The Spring Racing Carnival showcased fresh, ready-to-wear collections with a glimpse into the most coveted look for the race track.

Mist HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY on the hair. Create a centre part, and using a large curling iron, create waves in large sections of the hair using a positive-negative wave pattern.
dsc_9266 dsc_9257
Next, take a small section of hair underneath at the nape and rope braid on the scalp to the ends. Stitch and anchor stitch on both sides of the nape using the SEWING.KIT to create two anchors.
dsc_9259 dsc_9238Apply SESSION.SPRAY and brush through with the SMOOTHING.BRUSH. Wrap the rope braid over the top of the hair to create a barrette. Secure in place with more stitching at the anchor points using the SEWING.KIT. be sure to keep the hair loose to avoid looking like a ponytail.dsc_9286Apply YOUNG.AGAIN Treatment Oil to keep the hair smooth and shiny.
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Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.