MSFW 16: Urban Bloom ‘How-To’

MSFW 16: Urban Bloom ‘How-To’ from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

The Urban Bloom designer show at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week featured runway hair inspired by the ‘super natural’ with naturally textured, strategically placed waves that embraced individuality. This runway was in full bloom with bold, ready-to-wear collections that celebrated the colourful nature of spring.

Products featured: ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, STAYING.ALIVE, HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, SESSION.SPRAY & DOO.OVERdsc_8419Apply STAYING.ALIVE and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to damp hair from roots to ends and blast dry. Then, spritz hair with a light misting of HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY.dsc_7651Begin by creating a centre part and then section out the hair from the top of the head to behind the ears and clip away. Take horizontal sections starting at the nape, and use a large curling iron to create waves using a positive negative pattern, working towards the top of the section. Place the sections  in a scrunchy to cool as you go. Move to the front section and repeat this process, using diagonal sectioning to push the hair on to the face.dsc_7602dsc_7604Next, comb out the front only and clip away on the indent, leaving the scrunchies in the back to cool. Shake out each section to break up the wave and add fullness to the ends.dsc_7703dsc_7806dsc_7637dsc_7672-1Finish with a mist of DOO.OVER for a dewy look.dsc_7781dsc_7883-1dsc_7873-1dsc_9043dsc_8039 dsc_8129dsc_8437 dsc_8547 dsc_8562 dsc_8682 dsc_8781dsc_8835 dsc_8876 dsc_8904

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.