MSFW 2011 Designer Series 3 | Behind the Scenes

The tone for the evening was set early backstage when while Kevin Murphy was briefing stylists on the evenings hair technique scores of scantily clad male models arrived on the scene. The evenings theme revolved around the male with the female models softening the look with feminine silhouettes.
The hair was bit of a process, but well worth it considering the outcome that was presented on the runway. “We slicked the hair back very tight, and added a bit of punk to it, think Barbie on acid,” said Mister Murphy. Wefts of magenta and pink hair were sewn into the ponytails, and “sex tape” was utilized to secure the look. (Sex tape adheres to itself working like duct tape would, obviously being less painful as it sticks to itself, and not the hair.)The inspiration came from Josie and the Pussycats, and certainly gave a new spin the the dip-died trend we have been seeing as of late. Working mainly with models Mister Murphy is always creating “temporary trends” and tonight’s most certainly allowed for a pop of color for the evening. (This look also transcends nicely into the forthcoming launch of COLOR.BUG as this look can be recreated at home by those less skilled in the implementation of at-home extensions.) As the models sauntered down the runway the pony’s sashayed back and forth ever so nicely, pulling some of the attention away from the half naked buff models.
The make-up, as always, was lovely – white eyeliner being used to tie into it’s usage in the clothing on the catwalk. Lead make-up artist Kate Squires wanted a clean, fresh, sporty feel. “It is a bit of easy transition into the season -crisp, clean white eyeliner that pops. A lot of people tend to wear a lot of black around the eyes, white is a nice contrast. We don’t do a lot of lash as it would may conflict with the white liner.” A light gloss on the lips was applied for a clean clear wet look on the lip. Kate thinks the look is very wearable, and is a modern way of utilizing liner. “White is a trend right now in fashion and it meshes nicely with the make-up.”

KEVIN.MURPHY stylist James Furness tending to The Face of MSFW Sophie Van Den Akker


Underground Superstar winner Jason Li lends Mister Murphy a helping hand
Eyeshadow was used to tint Kate Peck's hair
Eyeshadow was used to tint Kate Peck’s hair

All Photos by Luis Montero