MSFW 2011 Designer Series 4 | Behind the Scenes

Kevin Murphy gives his last of the nightly interviews

The last night of the Designer Series for MSFW was a bit more laid back, stylists showing off their dance moves to MC Hammer’s “You can’t touch this” when the hair and make-up had been completed.
The evenings hairstyle did require a concert pianists touch to properly back comb the hair for the shape. Kevin Cross, KEVIN.MURPHY’s director of training explained the need for a proper tease with, “It is the petticoat under the dress. The back brush gives the foundation of texture.” The top hair was smoothed over the massive volume of hair to create a “beehivey, gramma with a 60’s and 70’s aspect and an African influence thrown in with the pony,” explained Kevin Murphy. “I wanted something simple and groovy – something a young girl would like. In session work it is hard to use pins, so we use sewing – pins show up in the photographs. In our SEWING.KIT the needles are blunt, we prepped the hair with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY – it’s my new favorite thing. I loved the swinging ponies from last night – the designers for tonight are more alternative, and having an eclectic mix of things makes it modern.” Kevin’s favorite part of the look were the little wispy bits in front (they were sewn into a bit of a mini ponytail, the hair rubbed through the fingers to create the look.) It was “girly but not too overt, a simple, humble hairstyle.”
The make-up again was flawless, and all about the nude brow with a pop of color on the lip, the skin being a natural sateen texture with the skin looking hydrated and a bit of sheen on the cheeks. “The brow harmonizes with the hair color – we used eye primer through the brows (eye will survive) that has a blonding affect. We did a nude clear eye, and used lipstick “Hara” from the divine goddess collection for Napolean Perdis.” Hara is the goddess of happiness. The make-up was kept simple, like the trends for the season, and a bit of COLOR.BUG can be spotted on some of the models.

KEVIN.MURPHY stylist James Furness tending to The Face of MSFW Sophie Van Den Akker
COLOR.BUG on Kate Peck
Mathew Ingram backcombs with the grace of a concert pianist
Olivia McFarlane tends to some of the weeks eye candy
Kevin Cross (in hat), Director of Training for KEVIN.MURPHY steps in to assist.
Kevin Cross (in hat), Director of Training for KEVIN.MURPHY steps in to assist


All Photos by Luis Montero