MSFW 2011Designer Series Night 2 | Behind the Scenes

Kate’s hair was crimped to achieve the look.

As the week moves along at MSFW the fashion walking down the runways has become bolder, with the hair and make-up complementing the progression. The hair was definitely a more prominent feature of last’s nights runway show, requiring quite an intricate set to execute the look. The theme for the evening was ‘Boutique’ and it was filled with resort elements. The make-up was most recognizable with the delicious bold tomato red lip, full with glossy accents of gold and bronze. This was used in conjunction with the overriding 70’s theme, having pulled the rustic goldy feel from it. “The detail of the make-up is with the texture, and works well with the texture of the hair. The light will catch the gold hilites, keeping it in tune with the summer feel,” said lead make-up artist Kate Squires.
Kevin Murphy pulled from his vast year’s of knowledge to create a Rik Rak set for the hair, having been inspired by the perms of the 70’s. “I wanted a Bianca Jagger/Stevie Nicks sort of look.” Theatrical geisha pins were used, stylists whirling the hair around them in a criss-cross formation, then heating up with a flat-iron. “The clothes are 70’s, and a lot more spirited and interesting. In photographic work you are always trying to take all the old techniques and make them new. I meshed the 50’s and 70’s – all the nostalgic elements are very important.” When asked how comes upon a look he said, “It is a natural progression – one day you just wake up and decide.”

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Polish has been a priority with every show.

The master at work.

All Photos by Luis Montero