MSFW 2011 Designer Series Night 1 | Behind the Scenes

Kevin working intently away on the always enjoyable Kate Peck.

The backstage where hair and make-up took place looked as you might imagine, stylists hurredly creating looks, photogs bouncing about, and models on IPhones with their earphones in. I was first drawn to the make-up side where strong bold lips were at the forefront of the evenings look. Lead Make-up Artist Kate Squires explained that the look was a collaboration between the lead stylist for the evening, Kate Gaskin, and herself. “Kate said she wanted a bold lip, but edgy, with a slight 40’s feel. You can see that purple picks up through the collection, and it is different than the other colors we are seeing this season.” Watching the models saunter down the runway you could clearly see how well executed this look was, as it would take a wizard to mesh these themes and still keep it beautiful and feminine. The make-up, as well as the hair, transcended very nicely between the 10 designers working under the evenings theme of ‘Gala,’ and actually became better with numerous clothing changes.
Weeks prior to the show Kevin sat down and collaborated for the evenings look. Mannequin heads and drawings of head shapes were used as a guide for the stylists working backstage. French Lacing, an old school form of backcombing, was used to marry the hair together, creating a cushion. The hair was then rolled into an asymmetrical French roll – resulting in looks that lasted until the end.
Those that might assume that a models job is a cake walk should know that they can do upwards of an exasperating 3 shows a day, starting with an 8 a.m. call time, and ending with the 9 p.m. Designer Series. Ten year veteran model Silvana has been impressed by this year’s run of things, noting that the “changes are very good and not as rushed as in year’s past. It is more organized this year.” The flow of the evening did indeed go swimmingly leading up to the runway shows. Models were finished with ample time to make it to their area to dress while attendee’s took their seats. The lights dimmed as the sounds of birds started filling the room.

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KEVIN.MURPHY stylists James Furness tending to The Face of MSFW Sophie Van Den Akker

All Photo’s by Luis Montero