Renew youthful lustre and shine to dry, damaged or brittle hair with the new YOUNG.AGAIN range that is a three-part system designed to address the effects of ageing on the hair. Inspired by high-end skincare, the YOUNG.AGAIN range yields optimal results while addressing the three types of ageing on the hair – hormonal, environmental and chemical.

Ingredients were chosen that demonstrate longevity and that have shown resilience in harsh climatic conditions. The YOUNG.AGAIN range is driven by Bioflavonoids from Berries and Citrus, 20 Essential Amino acids, Baobab Seed Oil and Immortelle Essential oil, chosen for their moisturising abilities and the ability to bring back elasticity.

 YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH is a lustre restoring, softening shampoo that prepares the hair to receive the essential ingredients of the MASQUE. It contains Orchid Flower Extracts rich in proteins that gently repair and lubricate the surface, whilst Baobab Seed and Immortelle provide moisture and elasticity.

 YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE is the delivery system of all the essential ingredients. It contains Quinoa Proteins that bind and repair, 20 Essential Amino Acids (the building blocks of repair) and Lotus Flower Extracts for softness. Whilst it is conditioning and an antioxidant, test results indicate that Lotus Flower oil may also prove useful in the development of gray hair prevention.

 YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE is the final step in the trilogy. It contains Mango Seed Butter for moisture and Vitamins A, C and E, which have a thickening effect on the hair and are absorbed deep into the cortex of the hair instantly. Most importantly, it contains the key – the Phospholipids form a skin-like barrier to lock in moisture and lock out environmental factors.

You can use just the WASH and the RINSE together on their own, and they are excellent on their own. However if you want the full effect, you must include the MASQUE into your regime. The RINSE must always be the last thing used as it locks the cuticle down tight.  Always leave a tiny bit of the RINSE still in your hair, do not fully rinse it out to get the full benefits.

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