mbfwbp-62This year, Ludwig Museum, the center of contemporary art, hosted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Budapest, and proved to be the best fashion event in the city. The modern and minimalistic atmosphere of the venue offered a unique background for the brand new Fall/Winter collections of Hungarian designers, and the event attracted the most fashionable crowd of the season, bringing the world of fashion and art closer than ever.mbfwbp-8mbfwbp-160Directed by STYLE.MASTER Juha-Matti Manninen, with Norbert Kozma and Nina Björkman, the KEVIN.MURPHY team of stylists created stunning looks for over 11 different designers and runway shows. This year’s shows featured natural, lived-in looks with soft texture enhanced with feminine hair embellishments.mbfwbp-29 mbfwbp-11mbfwbp-4mbfwbp-25Get the full ‘how-to’ on three of our team’s runway hairstyles below!


THE LOOK: the retro, faux bobScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.20.32 PMmbfwbp-13

  1. Apply a generous amount of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to the hair and blow dry in.
  2. Curl the front of the hair towards the face with a medium sized curling iron, and curl horizontal and back. Clip to cool.
  3. Create a scalp braid underneath around the occipital and stitch flat.
  4. Brush the top and create a ponytail with a little elevation.
  5. Braid the ends, stitch flat, and tuck the braid underneath.
  6. Finish with SESSION.SPRAY


THE LOOK: natural, lived-in hairScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.19.45 PMmbfwbp-55

  1. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to the hair and brush through.
  2. Separate hair in diagonal sections towards the face and wind around a flat, large cortex clip.
  3. Brush with SMOOTHING.BRUSH and finish with FRESH.HAIR, then tuck hair softly behind the ears.


THE LOOK: the done, undone top knotScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.19.00 PMmbfwbp-51

  1. Create an off-center ponytail at the front of the hair, leaving the hairlines out.
  2. Create a soft bun to the front, leaving the ends out.
  3. Use fringe pins or geisha pins to secure and form a disheveled shape, pulling the hair softly to deform the bun.
  4. Finish with a mist of DOO.OVER.

mbfwbp-42 mbfwbp-60 mbfwbp-58 mbfwbp-76  mbfwbp-101 mbfwbp-105 mbfwbp-116

Photos provided courtesy of Eszter Sara Cseh.