Looking to boost your salon’s visual presence and gain access to exclusive KEVIN.MURPHY merchandising? Check out our Salon Window Merchandising program, where you can order tailored KEVIN.MURPHY merchandising pieces at the click of a button!

“The salon window is an opportunity to stand out in the market place and connect with your clients. The items available in the Window Merchandising Program have been specially chosen because of their versatility to adapt to your salon’s size, shape, and location.” – Kevin Murphy


Accessed online via the Salon Dashboard or directly at (North American Salons) and (International Salons), this new print-on-demand solution allows salons the ability to select merchandising pieces suitable to the unique specs of their salon window front. Through our simple online ordering system, salons will be able to create and request branded artwork custom-fit for their salon.


Our Window Merchandising Program allows salons the freedom to enrich their customers’ experience through unique merchandising pieces tailored to their storefront. From window posters and window wraps, to our popular larger than life-sized bottles and window decals, our collection of beautiful, curated images provides a strong and impactful visual presence, giving your salon a unique personality and greater curbside appeal, and ultimately driving more sales into your salon.

To customise the look of your salon windows now, simply (North American Salons) or (International Salons)

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