Sarah Tammer Editorials in Marie Claire

Marie Claire February 2014 cover

This story was all about sheer transparent fashion, a Tahitian Goddess. Combed wet hair, see through lace and silks…very sensual, a hot and steamy afternoon…loungey and languid. Sarah prepared Shanina’s hair the night before with HYDRATE-ME.WASH & RINSE and a nourishing BORN.AGAIN.MASQUE. On the day of the shoot, with a combination of water she applied one of  her ALL time FAVOURITE KM products STAYING.ALIVE. Sarah absolutely loves the smell of the product, as well what it does to the hair, leaves it soft and flexible. She then added quite a LOT of YOUNG.AGAIN, more than you would normally use in everyday life to achieve the ‘wet look’. Then using a wide tooth comb, Sarah combed the hair into place, varying it slightly from shot to shot working with the garments and the elements, the body & head positioning. Throughout the duration of the day to keep the hair wet, again Sarah used a combination of water &  STAYING.ALIVE &  some more YOUNG.AGAIN.
p093_MC0114_sheer-1 p093_MC0114_sheer-2 p093_MC0114_sheer-3 p093_MC0114_sheer-4 p093_MC0114_sheer-5 p093_MC0114_sheer-7 p093_MC0114_sheer-8
Hippy Luxe was the feeling for this story, with sexy tousled hair, clothes mixed and matched. Basically a sophisticated, young, cool hippy on holiday! Sarah prepped the hair with STAYING.ALIVE and then spritzed a generous amount of HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY into the hair which was so PERFECT on this location as it actually smelled just like the environment.. Tropical Tahitian Summer! Sarah enhanced Shanina’s natural texture bringing out the wave and finished the look by adding a small amount of  YOUNG.AGAIN into the ends of the hair to give it a subtle sheen and a nice lived-in finish.
The last editorial is a white swimwear story with a sports fitness 80’s vibe. This featured a combination of hair up in a top not and hair down wet. This look was simple and minimal as if the model had done this hair herself. Sarah used a combination of STAYING.ALIVE and YOUNG.AGAIN. For the loose top knot, Sarah added HAIR.RESORT to give the hair some grip then casually swept it up and wrapped it with the bandana. For the hair down it was literally soaked with the crystal clear Tahitian sea then combed though and tousled.
MC1113_swim2-3 MC1113_swim2-2 MC1113_swim2-4 MC1113_swim2-1