Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 5.18.36 PMIn alignment with our ethos of The Choices We Make and our commitment to the environment, our ongoing partnership with EcoHeads helps our KEVIN.MURPHY salons save water at the backbar with innovative showerheads while offering a better experience to their clients. As a vital part of a salon’s everyday business, water plays an important role for our stylists. However, many salons experience several problems with this depleting resource at the backbar, including weak pressure, hard water, hot water shortage and in turn expensive water and energy bills. The EcoHeads showerhead allows the salon to rinse out clients three times faster with double the pressure, thus minimising overall water usage and reducing the cost of energy bills. In addition, EcoHeads contain tourmaline stones to generate negative ions that create soft water and remove dirt, sediment, and chlorine for a healthier rinse.

ele_080414_323Water is one of the most essential resources not just to the salon, but to human life around the world. In 2010, the UN declared access to clean water as a human right and committed to achieving safe drinking water by 2030. Our goal is to help conserve this powerful resource and to do our part by preserving it wherever possible for Mother Nature and the communities that thrive off of it. The average salon uses over 150 gallons of water per day at the backbar, however if we have just 2,000 EcoHeads in our KEVIN.MURPHY salons, we can save up enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every day!

KEVIN.MURPHY salons: join us in our commitment to saving water by asking your distributor representative how you can get involved. For more information, visit (US) and