Taking inspiration from the session world and applying it to the salon environment, our SESSION.SALON program takes stylists on a journey from SESSION to SALON in a program designed to educate stylists in productivity and communication. Through this program, stylists become experts in building a loyal clientele and lifelong salon business, all while transforming into SUPER STYLISTS that believe their salon is a fashion show and that every client is a supermodel!

P1100250This year, we gathered our European SESSION.SALON educators for a three-day intensive TRAIN.ME event at Plattform Zero in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman took 24 educators from 9 different countries on a journey from THE.START to GRADUATION.

P1100312 P1100342During the course, educators went through the program as SESSION.SALON.STYLISTS in order to be able to fully understand how a stylist feels when going through the program. Once the course was complete, they graduated to become SESSION.SALON Educators and are now ready to spread the SESSION.SALON love throughout Europe.

P1100280 P1100785P1100255 P1100386P1100356 P1100414 P1100772Photos provided courtesy of KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON.