Bit About Shontal…

She was born and raised in Christchurch located on the south island of New Zealand, but has been calling Auckland home for the last 15 years.  A master of the art of multitasking skillfully juggling raising 8 year old twins and very successful careers as a hairdresser and as a session stylist.

“You can have a beautiful family life and a successful and rewarding career you just have to believe in yourself and  be very organised.”Shontal

Her career started at age 17 when a hairdresser plucked her from the street and chose her as a model for a competition. The experience ignited her passion for hairdressing and started her on a very successful path that has lasted over 20 years. For the last 12 she has worked at Stephen Marr Salon on 37 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, NZ.

Working there has placed Shontal on a team that works alongside designers such as Lonely Hearts, Cybele, Miss Crabb, Lela Jacobs, Nom D, Zambesi, Karen Walker, Salasai, and Kate Sylvester at NZ Fashion Week.

 On Session Work…

Her work has been featured in NZ magazines like Frankie, Oyster, Black, M2, No Magazine, and has collaborated with photographers like Fiona Quinn, Russ Flatt, Karen Inderbitzer Waller, Olivia Hemus, and Derek Henderson. Some of the campaigns to her credit include Lonely Hearts, Stolen Girlfriends, Miss Crabb, and Lela Jacobs.

She lists Kevin Murphy as the biggest influence on her career as a session stylist. She notes, “not only is he incredibly skilled at hair but he is also a very down to earth, kind hearted man, and puts 150% into everything he does!”

Her favourite locations for a shoot? The gorgeous and rugged NZ beaches.

Shontal says she really enjoy the freedom that session work offers. She find the collaborative process between the photographer, make-up and hair very inspiring and it shows in the quality of her work.

Credits: Model Grace Hollows@Red Eleven Makeup: Amber Carroll Photographer Fiona Quinn Location White Studios Auckland Mag M2 Magazine Product Used ANTI.GRAVITY, SESSION SPRAY.

Educating for KM…

She’s been using KEVIN.MURPHY products for seven years and has been working as a STYLE.MASTER for KEVIN.MURPHY for the last three. As a STYLE.MASTER she travels around New Zealand spreading the KEVIN.MURPHY gospel.

“Being a member of Kevin’s team has resulted in considerable personal and professional growth. There is no ego with Kevin and in this industry that is extremely rare and a joy for myself and my colleagues to be on the receiving end.”

Credits: Model Shanna Jackway@ Red Eleven and Pride Model Makeup Amber Carroll Photographer Fiona Quinn Location Muriwai forest Stylist Kiri Donaldson Mag M2 Magazine Product Used ANTI.GRAVITY, HAIR.RESORT SPRAY.

Quick KM Tips…

Tip #1. Don’t be afraid to layer the products they work best this way. Oil free means long lasting results without the greasies at the end of the day.

Tip #2. When using your WAVE.CLIPS or  MEDIUM.ROLLERS use HAIR.RESORT SPRAY as a setting lotion, apply liberally on each section and smooth with a KEVIN.MURPHY SMOOTHING.BRUSH to create a super frizz free finish and to hold the curl for hours.

Tip #3. Don’t forget to apply your ANTI.GRAVIY at the roots with your hands almost like a tint, and lift the hair 90 degrees and sandblast.. This gives you an instant inch of lift at the roots before you have even started your tonging!

ANTI.GRAVITY, YOUNG.AGAIN, POWDER.PUFF, and HAIR.RESORT…mild obsessions she admits.

Credits: Model Bente Hansen@Chadwicks Photographer Gregory Novak Makeup Grayson Couts Location Kingsize Studios, Auckland Stylist Chris Lorimer Products Used ANTI.GRAVITY , SESSION.SPRAY, POWDER.PUFF

Her Future…

She has about five editorials coming out within the next month and she’s going to be working with Kevin and Robert Erdmann on a shoot for Black Magazine and the new KEVIN.MURPHY campaign that will be shot in NZ this week.  I will be on location in New Zealand to bring you a special sneak peak at behind the scenes from the KEVIN.MURPHY shoot.

So watch our blog over the next week for exclusive photos!

Credits: Models Ester Cronin@ Nova, Bec Downes@ Red Eleven Makeup Amber Carroll Photographer Fiona Quinn Location White studios Auckland Mag M2 Magazine Products Used ANTI.GRAVITY, HAIR.RESORT SPRAY, SESSION.SPRAY, HAIR.RESORT, GRITTY.BUSINESS

Her Words of Wisdom….

“Push yourself to get out there, be professional in everything you do and do it with great manners and grace… Don’t be discouraged by setbacks, befriend and surround yourself with people more talented then you and learn from them. And most importantly don’t forget to have fun.” Shontal Healey.


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