SHOOT.ME behind the scenes

SHOOT.ME – Presented only by Kevin Murphy

This two-day class, generally conducted at a photo studio, will teach students what they need to explore their creativity and give them the hands-on experience of a real photo shoot.  It is designed for stylists interested in session styling or in creating a photo shoot resulting in photographs they can use for their portfolios.  In this class stylists will play the role of the hairstylist and the client and will be responsible for not only effectively communicating with but also being a part of the creative team.

The SHOOT.ME class took place at Daylight Studios in Melbourne with famous photographer Andrew O’Tool.

Belinda Huggett, Masci Hair & Spa
Melissa Beekhoven, Masci Hair and Spa
Uros Mikic, Colour Cosmetica, Adelaide
Natasha Hemi, Latttouf Day Spa
Lauren Donnellan, A Splash of Red

Daniela White