Distributor West Coast Beauty welcomed KEVIN.MURPHY to Vancouver, Canada, for SHOW.ME, a three hour show featuring CUT.ME, COLOR.ME and DOO.ME with a line-up of 24 models styled by our team of Educators. Our masters collaborated as a team with their talents to represent the latest trends inspired by high fashion from around the world. Director of Training & Development, Tim Abney, and STYLE.MASTER Paz Bamrolia dedicated a full segment of the show to demonstrate braiding techniques that represent a new class called BRAID.ME. Also on stage were COLOR.MASTER Steph Paschke and CUTTING.MASTER Jay Fata, who collaborated their work to share the best of CUT.ME/COLOR.ME. CUT.ME COLOR.ME is a new, hands-on workshop that teaches stylists how to cut a shape that is supported with color trends seen within fashion. Tim, Jay, Steph and Paz collaborated to bring the best of cut, colour and styling within KEVIN.MURPHY directly to the stage. The following day, attendees had the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops where they were able to re-create looks from the show. A special ‘thank you’ to all of the colour, styling and cutting KEYS who helped make this event possible – Carolena Golinsky, Shauna Campsall, Joe Verde, Chad Evans, Andrea Adams, Sarah Pasco, Zena Borden, Chelsey Isherwood, Akemi Kojihata, Jackie Fung & Chris Lawry.Photos provided courtesy of Alena Jenkins Photography.