looks-26241The SUPER.NATURAL show was an unforgettable weekend for KEVIN.MURPHY fans, with over 1,200 attendees gathered to witness the mastery of Kevin Murphy and our team of talented Design Directors, STYLE.MASTERS, CUTTING.MASTERS and COLOR.MASTERS, along with guest artist and seven-time Contessa winner Tony Ricci, and the support of the KEVIN.MURPHY creative team including KEYS and Brand Specialists.

Held in Las Vegas on November 6th and 7th, the SUPER.NATURAL show transformed the Wynn Hotel into a lush KEVIN.MURPHY paradise reminiscent of scenes from the most recent campaign, complete with brand-infused décor including oversized bottles of the famed formulas. The two-day event brought together international creative minds who presented a variety of looks, concepts and techniques tied to the changing fashion landscape, as well as keynote speakers offering business insight.

On day one, the 2017 collections, SUPER.NATURAL, CASTAWAY and K.MEN, were brought to life onstage with styling demonstrations done by Kevin and his team. Influenced by classic imagery from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s as seen through a 90s lens, the looks made for a truly stunning presentation. The beautiful hair artistry, accented with whimsical embellishments such as butterfly brooches and bindis, was complemented by a playful wardrobe mirroring Spring 2017 runway trends. Comic relief was provided by keynote speaker and world-famous magician, Vinh Giang, who used magic as a metaphor to help attendees understand the power of perspective and empowered them to live out the fullest expression of themselves.

_dsc4945_dsc4709On day two, guests were able to witness the work of the KEVIN.MURPHY team through intimate breakout sessions where they experienced tailored education classes up close and personal with our team of Design DirectorsCUTTING.MASTERS, STYLE.MASTERS and COLOR.MASTERS. Classes available during day two of the show included:

  • SHOOT.ME: A live photoshoot led by Kevin, STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund and photographer Luis Murphy, this session demonstrated how to achieve beautiful editorial looks.
  • K.MENS.CUTS: Led by CUTTING.MASTER Jay Fata & STYLE.MASTER Tim Durant, this session highlighted the latest mens’ cutting techniques.
  • KEVIN.MURPHY CUTTING.COLLECTION: Led by Design Director Pascal Van Loenhout & CUTTING.MASTER Tim McClean, this session highlighted the latest cutting techniques and trends.
  • EDITORIAL COLOUR COLLECTION: This colour session fused practical techniques with fashion-forward, ready-to-wear colours and was led byCOLOR.ME Design & North American Education Director Kate Reid, COLOR.MASTER Marsha Moran & STYLE.MASTER Ali Batista.
  • PARIS.TO.PRAGUE: This session provided a comprehensive insider’s look at Fashion Week, led by STYLE.MASTERS Massimo Morello & Joseph Gossen.
  • HAIR.ART: In this session, Guest Artist Toni Ricci showcased tricks to elevate a look from ‘everyday wearable’ to an award-winning cover shot.
  • FACEBOOK MARKETING: Guest Speaker Mari Smith provided independent stylists and salon owners with Facebook strategies to build their personal brand via social media.

dsc_4815dsc_4852dsc_4723During SHOOT.ME, hosted by Kevin along with photographer Luis Murphy and STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund, guests experienced a live photoshoot where they learned tips and tricks for creating camera-ready looks from styling the look to lighting and re-touching the shots. By participating in this class, stylists received all-access insight into the creative process behind-the-scenes, as well as Kevin’s inspiration for the stunning editorial looks that he created live on stage.

editedkm_shootme_vegas7158“We loved bringing the SUPER.NATURAL concept to our audience through this show,” explains Kevin Murphy. “The idea behind the show was to offer insights to the audience that looked natural but were very cleverly manufactured. To us, ‘supernatural’ means more than being ‘natural’ or ‘better than natural’. We chose this idea because people are looking more often for natural-looking solutions for their hair through styling, cutting and colour. I wanted to show the audience that I look for talent to fill the gaps that I cannot do alone, and to show that it takes a group of talented and creative minds to make up a great brand – from the KEVIN.MURPHY Design Directors and CUTTING.MASTERS to STYLE.MASTERS, COLOR.MASTERS, KEYS, Brand Specialists and everyone in between. As a brand, KEVIN.MURPHY encourages inclusion and diversity within our teams to make the brand speak to many people at once, and I wanted to showcase this through innovative techniques and experiences for our audience.”

dsc_4315_dsc2979dsc_4330dsc_4510_dsc5204Among thousands of salon professionals that attended the event were key members of the press including Mane Addicts, Refinery29, Estetica, Beauty Launchpad, Modern Salon and American Salon. A poolside party set the stage for the perfect end to the show, where attendees let their hair down and enjoyed food and drinks, posed for pictures in the interactive photo booth and received free touch-ups from our STYLE.MASTERS and KEYS in the pool cabana STYLING.SUITES.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the event. We were thrilled to be able to bring hairstylists throughout the country closer into the heart of KEVIN.MURPHY, all while inspiring new skills and techniques that can be used behind the chair for years to come.

dsc_5673dsc_5851dsc_6053 dsc_6258dsc_5480dsc_6180dsc_6189dsc_5405dsc_6087dsc_6094 Want to re-create the looks seen during the show? Follow the steps below to get the team’s favourite runway-ready hair!


Styled by Kevin Murphy himself, this look features a tousled finish topped with sewn-in brooches for added dimension and chunky texture.


  1. Braid the nape away and stitch it up for a more compact shape.
  2. Gather a Mohawk section of the hair and stitch it into a ponytail in the back.
  3. Crisscross and stitch the rest of the sections into place on top of the head and asymmetrically behind the ears.
  4. To finish off the look, use the SEWING.KIT to secure glittering brooches along the edges of the hair line.


Offering a peek inside the upcoming COLOR.ME campaign, this look fuses colour and cutting techniques in a fashion-forward look suitable for both the runway and everyday wear. Created by COLOR.ME Design & North American Education Director Kate Reid and Design Director Pascal Van Loenhout, the vision for this look captures feelings of femininity while enhancing shape and thickness for a bold finish.


  1. Using the new ICE and LILAC Pastel TONERS, add wisps of soft lilac and ice blue throughout the new growth in order to enhance the shape and volume of the hair.
  2. Use a sheer, clean blonde throughout the inner areas of the hair for a soft, glow-from-within feeling, giving life and vibrancy to the finished look.

Stay tuned for more how to’s from the rest of our team coming very soon!

_dsc4113-moddsc_6669Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy and Stephan Faerber.