k_0002For the third consecutive year, our lovely partners in Taiwan celebrated KEVIN.MURPHY with a large event, and this year they hosted the SUPER.NATURAL Show, Taiwan edition!

Held in a unique venue in Taipei at a former tobacco plant which was transformed into a chic stage and runway,the SUPER.NATURAL show was led by the KEVIN.MURPHY team including our Design Director, HEAD.MASTER, STYLE.MASTERS, CUTTING.MASTERS and COLOR.MASTERS, who were assisted by Taiwan GOLD.KEYS including Joshua, Monkey, JV, Miho, Uno, Ellson and Ken.

The show opened with a heartwarming video by Kevin, and was followed by demonstrations on 27 different models styled by the talented KEVIN.MURPHY team, with makeup done by MAC COSMETICS TAIWAN and wardrobe styled by Sophie Liu. HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman and Cutting Design Director Pascal van Loenhout launched K.MEN by demonstrating two looks on stage. STYLE.MASTERS Massimo Morello, Ali Batista and Wade Blackford ‘wowed’ the audience with the new 2017 Campaign and Fashion Week looks throughout the night, where they performed three dramatic hair conversions live on stage.

Stunning colour demonstrations were led by Kate Reid, COLOR.ME North American Design Director, along with COLOR.MASTERS Janine Simons, Marsha Moran and Iggy Popovic, where the team showcased five models to give the audience a dose of eye-catching colour inspiration. During the show, the team proudly announced COLOR.ME’s official launch in Taiwan.

At the end of the night, hosts PLATINUM.KEY Tyker and GOLD.KEY Clarke, conducted a Mexican wave with over 1,000 members in the audience to close the night for the perfect ending to the show.all-master-team k_0330k_0390k_0729 k_1329k_0863 k_1583k_1566k_1461k_1787k_1215k_1425k_0942 k_0955 k_1176 k_1490k_1618 k_1654

Photos provided courtesy of Chris Yi and Ijio Studio.