Held in Kultuurikatel, an abandoned gas factory in Estonia, this season’s Tallinn Fashion Week hosted KEVIN.MURPHY as the official hair partner for the sixth time in a row, which was directed by SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello. Supported by MASTERS Leland Olson, Courtney Cochran and Henrik Sippo, together with the KEVIN.MURPHY team including Caroline, Misiel, Mriko, Risto, Aili, Kristine, Vika, Janika, Sigrid and Jesse, Massimo and the team created ten different looks for sixteen shows with over 230 models in three days. On the last day of the event, the team styled a children’s show to support our younger generation and ensure that we are always using safe products with them that are made without sulphates or parabens. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind our runway looks!

LOOK 1 – Amplified, Natural Texture Created with: KILLER.CURLS and DOO.OVER

LOOK 2 – Industrial Ponytail Created with: SMOOTH.AGAIN, YOUNG.AGAIN, SHIMMER.SHINE

LOOK 3 – Textured BunCreated with: ANTI.GRAVITY, POWDER.PUFF

LOOK 4 – Colourful, Clean Braid Created with: ANTI.GRAVITY, STAYING.ALIVE, RETOUCH.ME

LOOK 5 – Graphic BraidCreated with: HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY

LOOK 6 – Loose Curls


Photos provided courtesy of Konstantin Sednev and the KEVIN.MURPHY team.