I recently got a chance to see the amazing video above that TOME designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin created for their line.

So I had to ask them about the video and their amazing line of clothing!

1. When did you start TOME?

We began in 2011, so we are now well into our 3rd year of business!

2. What made you decide to create the line?

Ramon Martin (my business partner) and I met at Fashion college 15 years ago. Ever since we can remember we knew that when the time was right to launch a brand, it would be together.

3. What is the meaning of TOME, what does the name mean?

TOME is a literary term referring to a volume of work. After a collective 30 years in the fashion industry (Ramon at Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti, Derek Lam; Ryan at Robby Ingham, Belinda and The Corner Shop, pagesonline), this is our first volume in business together.

4. What was the inspiration for the video?

Georgia O’Keeffe was the inspiration for the F13 collection and thus for the video. Myf Shepherd designed the prints featured on the shirts. We love the parallel of these two young models turned artist.

5. Where was the video featured?

STYLE.COM exclusive

6. Where was the video shot?


7. Describe the video in your own words

Texture. Human hair, wool felt, shearling…

Darkness and Light.

Wildness and Geometry.

8. Any additional information you would like to provide?