Behind The Inspiration: Sleeping Water

We were literally and metaphorically a world away,” says HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman of the latest collection Sleeping Water shot at Pumphouse Point in Tasmania, Australia. Among the true to nature styles, impeccably fresh beauty and collaborative team effort, the location played a larger than life role in the creative process and the looks that ensued.

On Location

Earlier this year, while on location in the remote ancient forests of Tasmania, Kevin and the KEVIN.MURPHY team took the time to pause, dream, and consider, and it is exactly those attributes that this collection evokes. A return to foundations, each finished look is an ode to individuality, environment, and the performance-driven products that founded the KEVIN.MURPHY brand.

“The environment, purity of ingredients and natural processes are really important to me. I draw my inspiration from ancient aromatherapy practices alongside natural high-tech skincare innovation. I took ingredients and practices from both and adapted them into a range of environmentally friendly, luxurious modern hair care.” – Kevin Murphy

Set in the alpine landscape of Lake St Clair, Nathan describes the surroundings as “moody and ethereal – there’s an almost enchanted presence at this tranquil place.” Known to the aboriginals as leeawuleena, meaning ‘sleeping water,’ Nathan notes that “on still days you can truly appreciate the origins of this name, it is magical and cleansing, it’s about taking a breath, considering your life and resetting.”

Apart from the stunning surroundings of Lake St. Clair, the backdrop of Pumphouse Point was significant from an environmental point of view as well. A world heritage conservation area, Nathan points out, “[This location] completely envelopes you upon arrival. Pumphouse Point is an example of sustainable power generation repurposed into abject luxury and we wanted to bring to light the beauty of one of the oldest and most untouched places on earth.”

Fleeting travellers compared to the grand scale of this area’s history, each frame captures the in-the-moment expression the team felt on set. You can almost feel the chill in the air or wind effortlessly gliding through the hair in each shot. With snow on the mountains, “there were days we had to combat mist, sleet and rain, and we had to use products accordingly,” says Nathan.

Attributing their success to a few selective products, EVER.SMOOTH and SESSION.SPRAY was undoubtedly the hair heroes in creating styles that stayed with an effortlessly undone finish. “We allowed the hair to live and to breathe just as the environment suggested. We were often outside working in the elements, so the hair couldn’t be forced or constrained. It needed to be as free as we felt,” Nathan adds.

Behind The Scenes of the Style


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Going in with a plan, it evolved as the surroundings gently made their way into each look. “As a session stylist, working with mother nature is always about setting oneself up for success. Flawless hairstyling in the morning inevitably evolves into texture and body, which is perfect for the last shot,” says ARTISTIC DESIGN.DIRECTOR James Nicholson who approached the hair from an attainable point of view. Working with the natural definition each model presented, hair was either re-worked, refined or defined to accentuate their individual texture.

Breaking down the looks, “our styling choices were ever mindful of unlocking motion and creating hidden magic moments. We see this coming alive onset – tendrils dance in the breeze coming off the sleeping waters,” adds Nicholson. The key to success? Nicholson details that getting to know your own individual texture is key to recreating the style.

Stay tuned to learn more about each look and our favourite ways to unlock your texture.