COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY introduces new FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER, a clay-based lightener formulated for freehand applications to provide maximum control with no bleeding. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER features a specially designed Colour Palette and a Precision Colour Brush, allowing colourists to easily paint on colour for natural, sun-kissed highlights, ideal for freehand techniques.


“We wanted to give colourists the ability to be true artists,” states Kate Reid, COLOR.ME Director of Education North America. “Colour trends have moved in the direction of freehand colour because the application is less fussy and the technique creates natural, soft colour. The clay formulation of FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER lets colourists easily paint on colour with creative freedom. The clay doesn’t dry out, is easy to apply, and the colour results are flawless with no bleeding and no need for foils.”screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-4-24-22-pm“This lightener will definitely be the next salon staple,” continues Reid. “Clients have less and less time, but want more and more service and a beautiful look. This new lightener quickly and easily gives clients perfect colour tones and gorgeous results that are low maintenance.”

It’s always important for us to think about how we develop products and what types of ingredients we are using,” Kevin Murphy, KEVIN.MURPHY Stylist and Founder. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER’s clay formulation features Kaolin, a fine, soft white clay native to the Kao-ling hilltop mountain in China. Kaolin creates the ideal consistency and viscous formula that adheres to the hair without bleeding or dripping, like traditional bleach bases. Controlled application eliminates the need for foils. No foil means less waste.

“We have created a formula that is gentle on the hair and scalp. Kaolin also helps strengthen hair while increasing elasticity and slowing the hair’s ageing process. The clay is rich in silica, which naturally detoxifies the hair and scalp and removes impurities,” continues Murphy.

FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER provides up to seven levels of lift to create natural highlights. The FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER collection includes an artist palette constructed of durable, lightweight material with reservoirs for application ease. A precision colour brush inspired by an artist’s paintbrush features a sleek, ergonomic handle and narrow, flexible brushes, giving colourists controlled colour application with even coverage.