Destination Inspiration: Pumphouse Point, Tasmania

A quaint retreat perched amidst the deepest lake in Australia – the sight of it sparks inspiration immediately and begs you to take pause and reflect on the world around you.

There’s a stillness to the mornings on Lake St. Clair – rising while the world around you is still sleeping, the water is calm and the air is cool, and while you’re completely immersed in nature there’s a feeling of “home” deeply rooted in the history of the surroundings that instantaneously washes over you. This aspect of staying close to home and embodying our heritage was central when it came to curating our next collection and Pumphouse Point on Lake St. Clair in Tasmania helped bring this aspect to life.

Named Leeawuleena or “Sleeping Water” by the original inhabitants, the history of Lake St. Clair dates back centuries, beginning twenty thousand years ago when this landscape was still frozen. The deepest lake in all of Australia, formed over time as glaciers emerged and descended, melting snow and freezing rain, forging the lake and the alpine landscape we currently see.

Standing at the edge of a 900-foot pier into the lake, Pumphouse Point was originally constructed in the 1940’s as a hydroelectric station and was recently redeveloped to create the most stunning lakeside retreat. Currently, housing two structures – The Pumphouse and The Shorehouse – Pumphouse Point creates the most luxurious experience while exploring Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. Recognised on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, the development of this project took into account the environmental stewardship to ensure conservation of the land. Bringing to life an art-deco design that pleasantly fits into the original landscape to foster creativity, connection and reflection.

Aside from reconnecting with nature and our Australian heritage, this location allowed us to create a portal into our history as a brand and our dedication to the world around us. Bringing the outdoors in, the pristine environment made the most majestic backdrop with infinite views and intimate settings. Suspended on water and floating through the wilderness, these moments captured an unforgettable feeling of peace and clarity that reinvigorated our values. While exploring effortless glamour, natural textures and colours come to life and we hold the state of the environment even closer to our hearts.

Our latest collectionSleeping Water – offers you a glimpse into our travels and our heritage, stay tuned to experience our latest collection alongside the pristine beauty we are lucky enough to call home.